Of mixed Italian and Dutch descent, Marianne Vanderwilt’s eye for the stature and expression of the female body has developed naturally.
During her studies, she discovered the art of moulding, creating designs by positioning the material directly on the body, draping it to form flattering garments.

It is this sculptural technique that lies at the heart of all the Vanderwilt leather collections. What clay is for the sculptor, leather is for Marianne Vanderwilt.

The material’s allure and constructive potential enable her to fully employ her artistry, shaping her collections in close dialogue with the feminine shape.
Her notion of female beauty is made concrete thanks to the grit, passion and sense of innovation that characterizes everything she does.

Designing is about looking forward. In order to keep a true connection with the products she makes and ensure her status of a truly gifted brand, she has chosen to keep the scale of her organization realistic, all in keeping with her family values and creative signature.
Over the years, Marianne Vanderwilt has acquired a loyal coterie of devotees in fashion-savvy capitals around the world: From judges to journalists, pop stars, adroit moms, and hip women of every age who appreciate Marianne Vanderwilt’s cool and slender contour.