Vanderwilt composes
tactile & subtle leather
garments in dialogue
with the female form.

Captivating willowy
silhouettes fashioned
for the discerning


Each collection is a new chapter in a never-ending series of stories. Different yet connected by some abstract thread.
My latest collection is inspired by the jazz musicians of days gone by. I’ve always kept company with musicians. Besides appreciating their music, I’m even more interested in what takes place after they have left the stage. Hanging out after the last set, enervated yet refreshed after improvising, exploring and reveling in the musical aether.

They sit around, speaking minimally, listening between the lines. Relaxing, reflecting, renewing, reinventing.
Moving forward, straight ahead.

I’ve chosen colors of the night for this collection, dark tones inspired by the trim black suits of the musicians, accented perhaps by a brick red tie, a pork pie hat in charcoal gray. These musicians are not calculating. They don’t try to please. There is purity in their purpose. They know that when it comes from the heart, the people in the audience will get it. I strive to do the same thing with my designs. I make what I think is beautiful and I hope that others will appreciate that too.

It’s a solitary journey.
The recognition of solitude, that every solo is part of a whole.